Fan Thoughts

Terry, You entertained last Saturday at Fox Creek Estates, Villas and Shoppes. The whole community was thrilled with your excellent performance, interaction and your humble personality. I am the property manager and continue to receive gifts of thanks for you coming to Fox Creek! Terry, we are so excited for your Holiday performance here at Fox Creek! A sincere Thank you and Blessings to you and your family! Your friends at Fox Creek!
Sue D.

Thank you fo a great performance at Foxcreek. Your interacting with all of us was fantastic. It takes someone special to have that ability.What memories you gave to us.
Chris P.

My sister and I  attended the annual picnic at Bristol home yesterday with my parents, my ma and dad live in one of the Apts there, you were FANTASTIC!! Not only was the show wonderful but your patience and graciousness with pictures and interacting with everyone was something very special to see and be a part of,  so we just wanted to say thank you for making it a super day in spite of the heat and humidity. You brought a ton of smiles and happiness to us!!
Pamela M.

Just wanted to say thank you, Terry, for a great performance at the Orchard Park pavilion. We have been attending for many years to see you and this year has been the best yet. Why? You are very sincere, embracing the crowd and your wonderful words and singing in closure to our military and the United States of America. So, again a big thank you:)
Santina Z.

Terry, I am a little late on my kudos to you for the great Christmas show you put on for all of us in Rochester on December 13.  Once again you were kind enough to help us celebrate my Aunt Eleanor’s 92nd birthday.  She was so happy that you remembered her and danced with her to Englebert’s song.  The fact that you acknowledged that she celebrated her birthday for the past four years at your shows impressed her so much.  She loves to dance to your songs and the topping on the show was the ‘Polka’ that she really loves to dance to.  After your performance so many people came up to wish her to wish her a Happy Birthday, including your gracious Mom, that she just beamed from ear to ear.  All the way home she kept repeating that this was the happiest night she had ever spent and it is all thanks to you for making her feel so special.  To put a smile on her face is a memory I cherish.  I love your shows and even though I am there because I love to hear you sing and watch you perform  most of all I enjoy watching you interact with your audience.   Clearly you try to get to as many people as possible and the look on their faces when you single them out says it all.  There is a big smile on their faces because you make them feel special.  That is why you are such a great entertainer.  Not only do you act like you are having fun but you engage your audience into the festivities. You energize everyone – that is why you are such a unique entertainer.  Thank you again for a great show and more wonderful memories.
Carol W.

Terry, I just wanted to let you know how much fun my guests and I had at my party.  I have had so many positive e-mails and phone calls about what a great entertainer you are.  All of them were impressed with how you got the audience involved and they loved the fact that you were so versatile in your persona changes (from Elvis to Johnny Cash to Dean Martin and rocking Terry). Some even thought you should have your own show in Vegas. With the combination of your good looks, great voice and engaging personality you are the complete package.  You can work a crowd with such a diverse age level – from 2 years to 90 years you capture everyone’s attention.  You make time for everyone.  That is a talent that only a few entertainers possess.  I personally couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift.  You have made many more additional fans here in Rochester (Riga).  I know I join a multitude of fans in expressing our thanks to you for giving your all at each performance.  I still don’t know how you got the train to blow its whistle during the Johnny Cash song.  You are just amazing.  Most of all, I can’t thank you enough for making my Aunt Eleanor’s day and making me feel so special.  I shall cherish these memories for a very long time.
Carol W.

Loved your Lockport car cruise show. Since I’m a member of a local line dance group that performs at nursing homes and health vacilities beside fairs and festivals, I applaud your charitable work. We don’t charge but sometime receive donations.  If you are ever performing at an event where the Hot Country Liners Dance Team is at, we’d love to meet you. Keep up the good work.
Elaine H.

Hi, I have been meaning to write my words of thanks for some time now. My Mom was a HUGE fan of yours. She loved Elvis so much and you were her “here Elvis” 🙂 On June 26, 2010, her birthday, you performed at Kenmore Days at Mang Park. We were there and my son and I told you it was her birthday. You came right over and serranaded her and gave her your scarf! She was so thrilled!! Little did we know that would be her last birthday. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 2 months after that show and passed away the following February at the age of 58. That night will always be one of the greatest memories of my Mom. She talked about it ALL the time. In fact we buried her with the scarf you gave her, lol. I just wanted you to know that our entire family will ALWAYS remember the smile you put on my Mother’s face! She was also a patient of Hospice and I can’t thank you enough for your support of them! You are an amazing person.  Thank You!!  
Kerri G.
daughter of your biggest fan (Marsha Christopher)

Terry, I enjoyed such an awesome show tonight at the Fair… had a wonderful time.. love u TCB…
RoseAdele R.

Terry, Thank you for another great show last Saturday at Kenmore Days. My friends and I always have a great time. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me. We were starting the birthday celebration that night for my birthday that is this Sarurday. The picture was probably the best present. Thank you again. See you on July 20th.
Ann S.

I just love your shows. It is just like having Elvis back again. Terry acts, looks, and sings like the real Elvis.
Sally C.

Terry, My sister & I were at your show in Rochester, N.Y. on Friday 4/26. This was the first time we had ever seen your show and we really enjoyed it. But what impressed me the most was the way you engaged with the audience. We watched the faces of many people as you sang, walked aroung the room, gave out your scarves and posed for pictures and you could see the joy it brought to them!  Good for you!! This is what the world needs more of! We are now fans too!  Best Regards, Teri and Debbie  🙂

I loved seeing you on the varity kids show. You were awsome like always. And you looked awsome.
MargaretAnn S.

My favorite song is Suspicious Minds and I love the way you sing it. I think you do the king proud. You are awesome and we love you.
Hope N.

We brought our residents from a group home to the show in Lockport tonight as we have done to many of your other shows.  One of our ladies got a scarf from you tonight when you came down our aisle and I stood her up.  She was thrilled beyond measure – ELVIS gave her a scarf and she is a devoted fan.  Thank you for making her feel special – her life has not been an easy one and she has spent many years in institutions.
Susan K.

Terry, Thank you so much for giving me your cd’s. I did have all of them until our house fire. We lost everything that we had and came out with just the clothes on our backs. Thankfully, no one got hurt! We had lived in our house for 36 years. It started with our wood burning fireplace. It has been a long year and half before we finally got to move back into our beautiful new home. I also lost all the pictures of you taken with Stephanie, our Grandaughter. She was 2 when she started seeing you and everytime we went I would take pictures of her with you. I had a whole collage of the both of you on the wall, my favorite was the one where you were holding her at 3 years old at Blvd Mall. She just adores you! I have been going to your shows for the last 23 years. You always gave my Mom a scarf and just to see her face was priceless! You are such a caring and special person, not to mention a fantastic performer. I told you once that we went to Vegas to Legends and you by far are a much better performer than what their Elvis impersonator was! Once again Terry, thank you so much for the cd\’s. And yes, I DO listen to them all the time. You and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season! You sure have made mine a very good one! And congratulations on your new baby coming in May! Thank you again so very much!

Terry, I wanted to let you know how very special you are.  At the show last night at the Diplomat you made my Aunt Eleanor so happy.  She said that her birthday celebration last night was the best birthday she ever had and she will remember it forever.  It was an absolutely perfect night for her, from the pictures with you, her little Santa stuffed toy and best of all her dance with you to her favorite Englebert song and then receiving a beautiful scarf.  And, to top it off, the last dance was a polka which she dearly loves so she jumped out of her chair to join the train. The funny part was that she didn’t realize you were also ‘Elvis’ cause she asked who the Country Rock singer was that danced with her.  I told her it was the same guy who did ‘Elvis’ and she said really, I was wondering who that was. She said she would definitely attend more of your concerts, even when she turns 90.  I was so impressed by how gracious you are, not to mention a GREAT ENTERTAINER.  My friends, family and especially my aunt are so appreciative of how very special you are. Your mother did a great job of raising a true gentleman.
Carol W.

Thank you so much Terry for another amazing show to support Moving Miracles. All my friends had such a fantasitc time. Your kindness sets you apart. Can’t wait till next time.

Terry, you really put on a great show for Moving Miracles and you are always there to help the kids out. Great job.
Debra H.

Hi Terry. I love you. You are awsome. I seen you and Lady Antebellum and Martina Mcbride and you were all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a wonderful time at the Silver Creek Festival of Grapes.  Thanks for the beautiful scarf.  You are always giving and to the children,  The special gift that you have by coming out in the audiance and dancing with them. Great and wonderful.  
Mrs. “B”

Hey Terry. i love you your concerts rock. thanks for giving me a hug at celebrate America that made my day! ps. whoever does not like you is stupid because you are a good elvis inpersontator . if elvis was still here he would be proud of you for taking his place. love you Cheyenne

Hi Terry, Loved your “America Show” at Southgate last night. It was fabulous as always. Also was able to attend Medina, Elma and Cheektowaga concerts.Love the attention you give to the young children , senior citizens and special needs people. You are so kind. My grandkids adore you and have so much fun dancing especially to “Teddy Bear Song”. Hope to see you many more times in the future. Thank you for just being you.
Jean B.

Great show at Southgate last night. Always good to see you. Thanks for the great hug you gave me. Will treasure ya

Great show last night at South Gate. You the best entertainer ever, everyone that I have introduced to your music loves it. Dont ever stop! Thanks for taking the time for all the children too  🙂 2012
Jennifer H.

Your shows are always AMAZING just another good crowd participation song might be C’mon Everybody!! I think it would be fun.All your shows are!!
Cheryl B.

As at the Tomato Festival, you were Hot!Hot!Hot! at the Southgate Car Show (weather included!) I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!  Thanks for signing your new CD for me and our photo together, my favorite part.  You always make my day!!!
Barb K.

Terry, I love your music next time I come to your concert I would be pleased if you sung these 2 songs “I like it I love it” and “I got a brand new girlfriend”. My friends enjoy you. You are such a nice guy. I love your music gotta come more often with my friends love you Madison D.

Another super evening with Terry. Great Show. Thank you!
Marilyn M.

Terry I was at the show in Batavia on Saturday night and had an awesome time. I think you are such a tribute to Elvis’s memory. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love, love , loved the show.
Sandra E.

What a terrific show you put on last night at Cheektowaga Town Park. You just know how to lift everyone’s spirits.
Mary A.

Love your shows. Have you ever sung “Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello” and “Oh What a Night”?
Mary A.

We enjoyed your show in Ransomville on Saturday Aug. 18. Thanks for the time you give the kids and the older folks especially.
Tom P.

Just came from Batavia summer in the city and just want to say another great show.
David O.

Hi Terry , It was so great to see you at the fair. It was so much Fun. I was thinking of a name for Your T-shirt thing. How does the Rock and Roll anter.
MargaretAnn S.

I love you Terry. You are so much fun! Can’t wait until celebrate America. I might bring 2 of my friends to see you! love you

Great show in Rochester last night. You really have alot of happy people in Rochester. You are the Rochester Elvis.
Debbie H.

Thank you for making my mother-inlaws night at Delacy’s. She really enjoyed herself.
I enjoyed you last night at the fair(8/9) You can call your shooter the “Double Buckwalder”. Hope to see you next Thursday at the fair.
Cynthia S.

You are 1 of the most respectful people I have ever known.
Joyce W.

Great show at Cabana Sam’s tonight , I like it better there then the dock at the bay the food was really good.
Debbie H.

What a great performance at Cabanna Sam’s 7/17/2012 but of course you always have a subperb performance. Thank you so much for talking to my great friend Karen, she was really blue because she has been sick for over a month.  Just talking to her lifted her spirits.  Thank you so much greatly appreciated.
Helen K.

Loved your show today @ Our Lady of Czestchowa Lawn Fete. Especially liked your rendition of “Red Solo Cup”. Again a great show as always.
Betty F.


As always, a WONDERFUL show at Michael’s on  Saturday!  You are a master perfomer and a spectacular Elvis Tribute Artist!! 


Terry, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a wonderful Christmas Show in Lockport,N.Y. Our grandson just Loves you..Shaking his hand just lite his face up…And when he got home your Christmas ornament has a special place on his Tree. Many thanks again for making Salvatore’s night SPECIAl..Merry Xmas to you & your loved ones…
Sonny & Barbara M.

Great job and you deserve that award you got!
Debra H.

Terry I love your shows. I come to see you every time your in Lockport. You are the best.You should come to Lockport more. And please add a store to your website for we can buy shirts and more. Your just so awesome.
Jean R.

Hi Terry..We both enjoyed your energy filled show at the Palace in Lockport very much esp. your interaction with the audience.  I saw you some yrs. ago at Artpark in Lewiston WOW I was impressed then and still VERY, VERY IMPRESSED today!!!  Merry Christmas and God Bless.
Darlene & Franklin

Terry, you are one of the strongest performers that i’ve seen. We always enjoy EVERY show we go to. You put your heart into everything including your fans! Thank you so much! See you in December again! Thanks again!
Wendy B.

Dear Terry, I took my granddaughters to see you at the Silver Creek grape festival. They received stuffed animals from you and we would like to thank you. Also when you made the statement of how people could contact you, my 5 year old granddaughter said, “I would tell him I love him!” Another heart goes to Elvis/Terry. I just love watching you perform and congratulations on your new baby.
Eileen G.

Terry, Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a Fantastic Week-end… The Grape Festival & Sundays Car Show…The Music was wonderful.. Your Fans from the NORTH…Sonny & Barb, Don & Shaon, Matt & Denise, and Last Mary….

What a great show in Ellicottville,  truly touched by the kids called on stage…..brought tears to our eyes.
Cindy R.

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance at Garden Gate! My mom is was looking forward to it all summer and is still talking about it! You brought so much joy to the residents and their guests! We can’t wait to see you there next year. You are an amazing showman!
Lisa W.

I just wanted to let you know that we saw you while visiting my grandmother last night at Gardengate Nursing home… I am the mother of the child who had on the Spongebob shirt and you went out of your way to give him the Patrick stuffed animal.  I just wanted to thank you personally and let you know that you really made his day.  He has been talking about it non stop.  I can’t get over what a nice thing you did for him and went out of your way.  Thank you again… and thank you for entertaining my family, especially my Grandmother.  This was the first time I have seen you… and I have to say, I will make it a point to come and see you somewhere again with the kids.  Have a wonderful day!… one more thing, now that you have a child, I hope someday someone puts a smile on that sweet cherubs face like you did for mine!  Take care!
Tammy F.

Still numb after your performance at my retirement party in July at Classics V, you transformed a timid crowd into a fun filled memorable event.  LOVED your performance at the Erie Co. Fair, involving the audience the way you do.  I stayed for the entire set. Just saw your performance at today’s car show and despite the weather – your version of “Hurt” made the heat of the afternoon melt away.  Long Live the King!!!
Julie G.

Attended the Lockport show and had a great time. Awesome! Loved all the songs especially the choices for the country and rock and roll songs.

You thanked everyone for letting you be you and that is all any of us want. You do all of your songs and everyone elses just great and we really enjoy them all.. Thanks again for a great evening.
Marilyn M.

Terry, your show in Elma was great. My two little nieces loved you. They loved dancing with you. They loved being in the train with  you. Thank you for being the kind of guy that you are. We all love you.
Pat R.

Wonderful evening and as always great singing and dancing by YOU…..thank you
Marilyn M.

The show tonight in Lockport was very good, especially the second 1/2. I would enjoy seeing a show that was all country and rock.

Another SUPER performance (as always, you never disappoint!) last night at the Tomato Festival. Wish we could have stayed for the last set though, as your Country Rock really shows your diversity. How lucky we are that you live and perform in our area.  You’ve got the whole package–talent, sex appeal, charm and charisma with the crowd.  Thank you for giving us all so much pleasure–you’re the best!! Hope to get you to sign your latest CD for me at the Southgate Car Show on Sunday—
Barb K.

Just left the Medina show and it was one of the best times we had at a show in a long time. Being out in the crowd was just super and the kids were great. You are wonderful and we thank you!
Marilyn M.

Your new cd “Anything Like Me” is amazing, I love every one of the songs but my favorite is definetely the title song! That is such a touching song it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it! Congratulations to you and Aubrey on the birth of your beautiful baby Bryn and of course on your new CD it was well worth the wait!!!! Good Luck and God Bless you and your family!!!
Sheryl L.

Terry, thank you so very very much for an awesome performance this evening. I knew winning first prize in the WNY Elvis Appreciation Society raffle that it was going to be an awesome performance and a whole lot of fun!!! You are very gracious and so talented. Everyone had a fantastic time! God Bless you for all that do in keeping Elvis’ legacy alive but also for all of your talent and and hard work that goes into each and every show.  My son Danny loved the concert as well and he says to say hi to you. Again God Bless you, your wife and your beautiful gift from God Byrn.
Mary Anne G.

You were awesome at the Willowfest and hope you come back next year and see you at Fredonia Farm Festival in August.
Ashley B.

Thanks for the great time at OL of Bistrica last nite. You are such a great entertainer pleasing everyone. The kids always look forward to having fun with you. You are the best. See you soon.
Fred & Pat D.

Just came from St. Amelia’s Jammin’ in June, 2011, and saw you perform for the third straight year…only this time you finished your set as yourself…not Elvis. I love you as Elvis, but now I know you are so much more. You are an incredible entertainer, and I am happy to say I just saw a concert with Elvis, and with Terry Buchwald….I appreciate your talents so much more now. Thank you.
Maureen T.

Just saw you perform at St. Amelia’s Jammin’ in June. Let me say this: Tickets to see Terry Buchwald perform as Elvis worth: $1,000,000; Tickets to see Terry Buchwald perform as Terry Buckwald: PRICELESS!!
Maureen T.

Thanks for Your Contribution to Helping WNY Elvis Appreciation Group to raise Generous Check $6500 which was Donated to HOSPICE for 2011.  It was a Wonderful Show 1/8/2011 and for a Great Cause. THANK YOU Very Much!  <3
Rambling Rose

Had a great time dancing at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall 4/9/2011! Great Show!

Terry’s show last Saturday for Hospice WNYelvisappreciation society was terrific. It was the best performace/production ever for a full Elvis Tribute night. Definately your “A” game the indoor venue allowed the special effects and sound quality to really shine. The way you participated with the entire crowd, including the back, while still singing is a true tribute to your showmanship.
Joe C.

Just wanted to say thanks for a great show back in July. We had the pleasure of catching your show at the State Park while camping in upstate NY. My wife,daughter and I enjoyed it so much…what a pleasant surprise- we went fishing and The King showed up! Thanks again, safe travels & God Bless-
Drew N.

I had a wonderful year coming to your shows. I can’t say it enough what a great entertainer you are and will always be!
Rose R.

The show that you put on for Our Place was amazing! Everyone had a really great time dancing and singing along so we at Our Place thank you for a wonderful show!

I saw you perform for the first time this past Sat in Buffalo. My sisters and I surprised our mother with a limo ride from Rochester to see you. Normally she is a shy, withdrawn and reserved person. I honestly believe she had the time of her life at your show! All 16 of us were blown away by your beautiful voice, charisma, and charm. Years ago my mother saw The King so this was a particularly special way to celebrate her 60th. Thank you so much for making the night one we will never forget. Our mom was so happy to have your scarf- she is STILL talking about it. Your showmanship and skill are outstanding. Thank you for providing such a wonderful memory for my family. We can NOT WAIT to see you again. THANK YOU!!!
Denise A.

Thank you Terry for letting me take the pictures of you with my friend Pat. You made here year. Your show was amazing you are the new king,I can’t wait to see you again.
Patti H.

Your Christmas show at the Blvd. Mall last night was so wonderful! You outdid yourself once again! It was great seeing everyone! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year! Thanks for all that you do for everyone, especially the kids! You are awesome!!!
Sheryl S.

o.m.g. The show at The Palace in Lockport was really great…seeing you walk the crowd was the best and maybe one of these shows i’ll get a real hand shake or even a scarf..your great  thank you!

Just wanted to congratulate you on the win sweetie, your the best…

I just want to thank you for coming to Lockport NY for the car show every year! You’re awesome!

We saw your show at the Lockport Palace and it was excellant! We like your rock&roll music as well. I would like to  hear you sing the farmer’s daughter. You do all those songs great! Keep up the great work!
Roger W.

The country songs you sang at the Lockport Palace tonight were great! I am a big fan of country and it was awesome! You sounded great!!! I loved it! Great Job and thanks for a amazing show!!!

I am so happy to hear that you are be honored for all your hard work. I am hoping to be able to be there. I miss seeing you. Looking forward to the Moving Miracles Fundraiser. See you soon
Hillary S.

Terry I was at the grape festival and I can’t see anything that would improve your show. Of course I’ve been to many shows. If anyone doesn’t have a good time at your show it’s their fault.
Cindy Erick

I always enjoy coming to your shows. You lift up my spirits when I am feeling down. I love you for being you. See you again soon!
Rosa R.

Terry! Just wanted to say this past summer has been so much fun! It was so nice to be able to come out to so many of the shows with Aunt Barb & Hillary. The summers just keep getting better & better! Thanks for all the wonderful memories! You’re the best! Love ya!
Ashley E.

Yesterdays performance had to be the best we’ve ever seen.  A class act.  We came to the show with our chopped Merc and were pleased to learn that you were performing.  Love the humor and the interacting that you do.  And when the power went off, you kept singing along with the crowd. Great job!  Thank you!
Ned, Diane, Jess

Dear Terry,
Just a note to thank you for the most fun summer I’ve had since I was a teenager. My sisters and I first saw you at the Dunkirk fair where you gave my sister a lei. We were rained out of the Fredonia Farm Festival, but we saw you again at the car show at the Southgate Mall. Last weekend we saw you again at the Grape Festival. You gave me a scarf and said the words I’ll never forget… “Lady, you’ve gotta let go of my hand.” : )

God bless you for bringing so much joy to so many people. See you at Michael’s in January.

Your biggest fan 😀

Deanne T.

Hi terry! What an awesome show you did last night. Can’t wait to see you next year.
Andy B.

Impressed, as always, in Silver Creek last night.  Your ability to connect w/the audience is outstanding.  Loved that you told the kids about the dance floor and how they had to be courteous – a lesson that is seldom taught these days.  Loved the way you introduced ‘the twist’ … from shaking hands with the person on your left, then your right, then repeat  – Very Funny!  Didn’t like that your trailor was parked over at Petri’s.  Wanted to get a picture of you/Elvis crossing the road in the darkness … very cool! but, only in a photo.  They should bring back your trailer (and the mystique) next year.  See you then!
Oak H.

Terry, Awesome, awesome show Sat. night at the Silver Creek Grape Festival!!  You gave it everything you had–110% and more. (And I’ll never flash my camera in your face again EVER–I promise!!
Barb K.

The show at the Grape Festival was awesome. Very entertaining. Growing up an Elvis fan, I did know most of the songs.

I’ve really been enjoying your shows this summer.  I\’ve been to several.  Peach Festival as awesome.  See you at the Festival of Grapes and Ellicotville this weekend.  TCB! 

We will be at the Grape Festival again this year to see your show.  Right in front at the Grape Country Candles Tent. Please sing Danny Boy and dedicate to our fallen friend, Danny Shanahan past Fire Chief from West Seneca Hose Co.  From all his brothers and sisters at Lakeview Correctional!  R.I.P. Dan! We love and miss you!
Mindy B.

Terry, We had a blast @ the Peach Festival on Sat. You did a great job…And a big thank you too from our Great-Grand-daughter Bella for the Teddy Bear, you also took the time to sing to her….She loved it..Thanks again and see you all this week-end….
Sonny & Barbara M.

Show at the peach fesival was just awesome! You are so great, love all you do at the shows, you were really hot last night. Keep up the great work! Love you lots.

Just wanted to tell you we saw your show at Lewiston last night and it was terrific. Have seen you several times before and just love your performance and repore with the audience!! Love that you change up your act also! Have received two of your leis and want more! Keep up the outstanding performances! Thanks for my kiss also!
Patti A.

My very first Terry experiance was Saturday night 09-11-2010 at the Lewiston, NY Peach Festival! WOW What a show! Thank you so much Terry for sharing your talent with us. The show was AWESOME! Made sure I got my Rock N Roll Forever Terry Buchwald T-shirt. Can’t wait to see another show!! You are FANTASTIC! Thank you for making every fan in the audiance feel apart of your show! YOU ROCK <3
Adrianne B.

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome show last night at the peach festival, first time in a long time that my husband hasn’t wanted to leave some place early. I got to actually stay to the end.
Dorianne C.

Hey Terry. Friday the 10th was awesome. I really loved it. See you next September!

Well Terry even my old Aunt Gloeia loved your show last night at the peach festival was her first time seeing you and she said you are really a great entertainer.
Bonnie D.

I was at the peach festival saturday night and was luckey enough to be able to sit in the first row in front of the stage.  Your show was by far one of the BEST shows I have seen in a long time.  Hope to catch another one of your shows in the very near future.

Seen you at the peach festival. I had a blast.Your very good. I’m trying to convince my parents to that me book you for my sweet 16. So if you want you can reply to this.

Hey Terry. First I would like to say that I absolutely love your shows. I have been going to as many as possible since 2002/2003 (can’t really recall. All I can remember was the first time I saw you was at the Niagara falls strawberry festival). Anywho, I think you should give out more teddy bears, lay’s and ribbons. And not just to the kids and “older folk.” Like I said I have been watching you for many years and still have not gotten anything. 🙁 Not even a picture with you. Anywho, great show and can\’t wait to see you again. <3
Ashley H.

What a great show you did tonight at the Niagara County Peach Festival. You are a wonderful entertainer and I love how you involve the audience and make them feel an integral part of your performance. Elvis lives on . . . through you!
Linda N.

Seen your show for the first time tonight at the peach festival, it was great. Will certainly be looking for future shows.
Linda W.

Had so much fun tonight at shores!Always have such a good time at all your shows!You\’re the best Terry!love ya!
Ashley E.

Terry, I have to say that you are great. You make so many of us enjoy our years in 60’s. I see the older people just enjoy you! You even make my heart pitter patter! Thank you for brining Elvis to us!
Shirley P.

Thanks for the wonderful memories…looking forward to many more!
Alice M.

Was at the Lockport show. It was great as all your shows are. Just love you for all the great things you accomplished and more to come. Keep up the great work! See you at more shows.
Dolly N.

Never thought anyone could come close to Elvis…You’re great! Sure wish you did shows in Rochester, NY.

My family and I are HUGE fans! Love your performances and your voice is awesome. One request we have is at the upcoming Lockport concert is if you could perform “His Latest Flame”…it is a favorite of ours 🙂 Can’t wait for the concert in the park on Monday!!
Heidi B.

Nice tribute to Sandy. I will always remember how good she looked at Gratwick last October. She was the best. R.I.P. Sandy. Thank you Terry.
Diane H.

We were at your performance tonight–“Evangola/Tomatoe Fest.”  We caught your last set.  I was in front with the hawaiian skirt, with my son, dancing and singing away.  He has autism and he found your colored lights to be great.  He watched you dance with all the sparkles–he smiled.  You made him so happy, which in turn, made me happy. Thank you!

Love You!  We’ve been coming to your shows since my 13yr old was 3! Our Fave Elvis song is Moody Blue. I’ve never heard you sing it!  When you perform at Southgate Plaza for Celebrate America, could you sing that one?  We’d Love it!  Thanks!
Anne S.

Fantastic, outstanding show at Cheektowaga Town Park. Best family entertainment anywhere. Great performance, keep up the good work, look forward to seeing you again real soon.
Douglas R.

Great time at Cheektowaga Town Park last night. Weather was great. Love the new t-shirts. Can’t wait for Lockport cruise.
Betty F.

I saw you for the first time, Sunday, August 22nd, at Town Park in Cheektowaga. I just wanted to let you know that you are one heck of a show. You not only are a convincing Elvis, you actually gave me goosebumps with some of the songs you did! My wife has raved about you for years, and last night was the first time I had the opportunity to see you for myself. Very good. You’re a talented showman and you work an audience like I haven’t seen anyone do in years. Thanks for the show. I’ll be looking for you again.
William D.

Thank you so much for making my fathers day. He got to see you and his Tri Five Chevy club buddys. I dont know if you remember him or not but he was so happy. Thank you. Look forward seeing you next year in Batavia.
Sheri D.

Saw the show in Batavia NY yesterday. Was blown away by the show. Will go to Medina on Wed. with my mom. Ending was great! Good luck and my God bless.
David O.

Hi Terry: Thanks for coming to Batavia & yes, we would love to have you back next year. Your outfits are beautiful. Glad there was no intermission too!
Jean B.

Your new tee-shirts were a success!!  A long time coming.  I love the pink one and what it stands for.  And you are so right, only real men wear pink!!!

Terry I loved your show today ir was great like always. You always make my daughter so happy to see you.

I always love coming to see your shows, they are always a blast!
Rochelle B.

While watching the show at the Eden Corn Festival, I especially liked the last session where country / southern rock was being performed.  Is there a CD with that music on it?  I would love one!
Joanne S.

Love the new website.Your voice and the music is awesome. Great Job!
Carole P.

I like going to your shows.
Elizabeth R.

Just wanted to say thank you for coming out to see us at the fair tonight!  You are an outstanding entertainer!!!!  It was great to see you!  Thanks for the scarf! My kids (and me too) were thrilled! Have a wonderful rest of summer!
Kim C.

Just got back from the “Taste of Williamsville”, and as usual I had a fantastic time. Food was great, your show was awesome as usual. I’ll be back again next year for another round. See you at the Peach Festival in Lewiston in September.gbode
Betty F.

Love your concerts.  I really enjoy them.  Just wondering if you could sing “It’s Now or Never” at some future concerts. It is one of my favorite Elvis songs.  Thanks!
Marcy W.

I love the new website and the video!

Great website, love you singing on it..wish you would do more shows in Wyoming County though…too bad the Attica Park Show was washed out..that was scary like a tornado..thank you for sticking it out and hoping for weather to get fans did not want to leave..I was so sad it had to be cancelled..I hope you reschedule this show somehow…anyway enjoy all your shows… God bless! And God bless our troops, too!
Doris D.

Just wanted to say a super thank you to you! Caroyln was at St. John’s on Saturday night and you danced with her. She had on pink top, darker pink shorts and you gave her a teddy bear. She called me SCREAMING she saw you and how nice you are. She even said you’re such a hotty!

You couldn’t come to her birthday party, boy you made her summer a St John’s! Thanks so much. God Bless.

Enjoyed your concert at the Greenfields.I think you are 1,000 times better than Elvis!
Lorraine D.

Saw your show tonite at the were excellent, and I thought it was great how you made it a point to cater to the older people, and also walked around and got to say hello to everyone there….job, well done!!!
Josie K.

Saw your show tonight @ Greenfields & loved it. Been to your last 5 shows there, & I love to see the happiness on the faces of the residents. I’m a nurse in an assisted living center, & I know what it means to the people to be able to see someone as wonderful as you perform.
Betty F.

Great show. Roger & Rita the dancers you acknowledged(Thank You) Brother to Jackie from Channel 7. Are you coming to Michigan soon? Let us know!
Roger M.

Hey terry. My family and I moved form Buffalo 5 and a half years ago. We have all of your CD’s and we miss coming to see you at Dock of the Bay. The shows that you did were amazing . We hope to come see one of your Dock of the Bay shows.
Bethany P.

Love your shows! They always make me feel happy. Love your new website and photos. Take care my friend.
Rosa R.

Thank you so much for your recognition of Jonathan’s accomplishment Sunday at OLC Lawn Fete. You went above and beyond what I requested – very proud of my son – awesome show as always. See you very soon. Please never change the person you are on the inside as you besides as Elvis. You have made your parents very proud and always stay close to home. We love you and appreciate you so very much!!
Jeannette & Jonathan N.

I love your shows at Southgate Plaza they are a lot of fun.
Brittany M.

Your show at Our Lady of Czestochowa was awesome as alway’s. Thank You for announcing my  engagement and making it even more special!
Barbara E.

Thank you for making my birthday a special one this year. Fabulous shows this weekend.
Debbie H.

LOVE the new website and listening to you singing while checking out all the different pages.  Can’t wait to see you soon.  Blessings…
Della L.

Great nite at Shores.  Good to be outside. We had lots of fun. THANK YOU.
Fred & Pat D.

I really loved when you sang American Trilogy for the veterans and me!
Jonathan N.

As always enjoy your shows We haven’t missed a Mon/Fri at the  Shores See you Friday.

Thank you for making my birthday so special. It’s so nice to share it with my friends at your show. See you Friday.
Hillary S.

I am so glad I got to see you today. Even though it was just for a small part of your show, it was still as always so worth it. See you tomorrow at Shores.
Hillary S.

Miss you, love your new site, hearing your voice warms my heart.
George S.

Thank you so much for acknowledging me, Nadine and Mary Ann for going to see your show in Fulton, NY. That was so sweet of you. Whether it’s Wellsville, Canandaigua, Geneva, Vernon, Lake George, etc., it’s always worth the trip. You are definitely WNY’s greatest asset to the entertainment industry and number one in my book!
Diana W.

I was at your show in Fulton, N.Y. and you were great.I’m a big Elvis fan  and one of yours now. Out side you said you would be back, I think you were justing that, but if you do let me know. Cheryl and I will take you out for dinner or drinks. Thanks for coming to Fulton.

Hi Terry, loved your show! You were very personable with the kids and seniors too! Your very talented, keep up the great work.  I waited to almost the end for Suspisious Minds!! My favorite.  Also, the way you honored our veterans as wonderful and much appreciated.  My 82 yr. old mother inlaw was with me and was dancing to all the songs!  Hope I have the chance to see you perform again sometime. Take care and may God Bless You!  One more thing…I read about all your involvement with many different charities and thought it is great of you.  I have a special feeling about systic fibrosis as my niece died at the age of 7 with it back in 1972. They have made great strides in their efforts and research. Enough for now. Thank you again for a wonderful evening of professional entertainment!
Carol W.

Thank you for a fantastic show tonight in Fulton, NY. You outdid yourself again! It was well worth the two and a half hour drive there and back. I really enjoy  watching people who are seeing your show for the first time. It was so nice to see the audience participate by singing along to your songs and getting up to dance right from the start of your first set to the very end of your show. Every person I spoke to was thoroughly  impressed with how you interact with the audience and want to see you come back to Fulton. Thanks also for everything you did to make the evening so special.     
Diana W.

Cannot wait to move back to NY to see your shows. Love this new website. Great job!
Tonia L.

Had a great time as always on Monday at Shores. It was great to be outside. Looking forward to seeing you again Monday.
Hillary S.

Great website, Terry. We love hearing your voice as we check it out. See you soon.
Fred & Pat D.

Website is SUPER! You and the songs fill my summer with fun. Many special thanks.

Terry I love your Monday night shows at Shores, of course you know that I am a big Elvis fan. Your new website is great. See you Monday night at Shores.
Jeannine B.

I love your new website. I also love your shows. They are the highlight of my summer.
Betty F.

Like the new site! It was nice seeing you and Aubrey on Friday. Are you going to be at The Dock at the Bay this year at all?
Jackie S.

Surprised!!! I opened your website and what a wonderful surprise. You are the greatest. It’s wonderful…Love Ya
Mrs. “B”

You are a wonderful entertainer and a great guy! You do so much for so many people! We always have a great time at your shows!
Sheryl L.

Terry, I really like your new website! It’s very nice and I like how all the different songs play when you go to the different sites. Hope to see you alot this year at The Shores.

Love your new website layout – great format! At Shores on Friday, any chance you could do “The Friday Song” by George Jones? Thanks!
“Rambling” Rose

Spectacular!!! This is an awesome website. Very nicely done my friend.

We LOVE the new website! It looks and sounds GRAET!!! We really enjoy the new songs! You’re the BEST!!!
Dave & Carol P.

My mom loved Elvis and I am glad I can bring her to your shows at The Shores to be able to enjoy. Thank you for all the wonderful songs you do!
Laura M.

I absolutely love your new website!!! In my opinion, you are the greatest Elvis impersonator in the world!
Kathy R.

This new web site is really great! I’m enjoying it very much. See you tonite!
JKBD also known as MOM

Terry, Love the new website. The video is so good. See you soon!
Hillary S.

Terry I like your new website. You did a great show tonight! At your next show, can you sing Viva Las Vegas? Thank you!
Sharon E.